8 август 2017

Бъди напреко

Ludovica Castiglia (BeTrevious)

In hotel business one key problem remains to be solved: hoteliers pay high fees (from 18% to 35%) to online travel agencies to be visible on the web. This generates discontent, inaccessibility for small structures, and high prices. Moreover, the act of booking doesn’t give power to the client.
Our innovative idea is to realize an online portal in which the accommodating owners indicate a price for the room. The client, after indicating the dates, can accept the price, or make an offer on the booking price. The transaction will be confirmed only with agreement of both parties.

How does BETRIVIUS earn?
When the transaction occurs: a fixed fee is paid by the seller, and a share, based on the savings (final price offered by the seller), paid by the buyer. An additional innovation is that every user, once he purchased the booking, can benefit from it, or he can resell it on the portal with the same dynamics above described: at a higher price (earning); at the same price (without losing money); at a lower price (losing only part of the money). This means that a same booking can be resold number of times: the greater the price differences are, the greater the profits can be.
BETRIVIUS gives value to the booking, making both the client and the hotelier protagonists, with mutual satisfaction.


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