Incub Training

Incub Training

Project description The present global situation, with economic crises affecting many countries and regions, has had a negative impact on the availability of employment opportunities for qualified people. This has led a growing number of people to consider entrepreneurship as an avenue towards employment seeking out agencies and organisations to help them realise their business[…]

Extremadura trabaja

Máster en Turismo Rural y Tipologías Asociadas.

 Agroturismo, turismo gastronómico y turismo activo El Servicio Extremeño Público de Empleo y la Universidad de Extremadura ponen en marcha el „I Máster en Turismo Rural y Tipologías Asociadas. Agroturismo, turismo gastronómico y turismo activo“, un nuevo título propio dirigido a personas desempleadas que pretendan la adquisición de nuevos conocimientos y competencias profesionales en Turismo Rural, el[…]


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Discover the tools and techniques that will enable you to succeed in business. The course is divided into 4 modules, ‘Who is an Entrepreneur’, ‘Managing the Entrepreneurial Process’, ‘Entrepreneurial Enterprises’ and ‘Family Business’. Each module is designed to explore and expand on key elements, assumptions and processes that are essential to the success of a[…]