Managing cross-cultural online communication in multicultural project teams: the case of Cultour+ project

The paper aims to present the process and partnership building in multicultural project teams through the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) taking into account the Cultour+ communication project management plan to build virtual teams. CULTOUR+  is a Strategic Partnership (SP) of universities, local governments, SMEs and NGOs, that following the mainlines of the Higher Education Modernization Agenda, will offer high quality and innovative courses and tools, integrating innovation, international mobility and cross-border cooperation to enhance capacity building in higher education curricula in the fields of cultural tourism and hospitality, cultural management and shared cultural heritage.  This paper aims to enhance the effective use of ICT in project work by analyzing the way it fits in with various project activities having as an example the Cultour+ project. This approach may facilitate the choice of appropriate tools by each project team and show how ICT can support key processes like leadership, management, communication and co-operation within other European project teams.

Written by Luis Ochoa Siguencia, Martín Gómez-UllateGarcía de León, Renata Ochoa-Daderska

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