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 Advancing in all fronts!

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All Cultour+ teams continue their work slowly but firmly, building up a network, connecting ideas and people, involving in joint actions, researching and diagnosing, fostering governance in cultural routes, designing educational tools, coaching entrepreneurs, disseminating the project and the regional cultural routes in congresses. This is what Cultour+ is about. And while channelling our efforts into what matters, we are constantly reflecting on processes and indicators to show and improve our performance.

Advancing in all fronts!

Upcoming Events and Actions

Vila Real (Portugal), 9-15 July 2017This course is designed to build capacity in fundamental principles and techniques for interpreting cultural and natural heritage and landscape, doing adequate cultural mediation and tour guiding.
It is aimed at entrepreneurs in cultural tourism, tourist guides, public officials responsible for the management and dissemination of cultural and natural heritage, cultural managers, tourism and hospitality professionals, culture passionate and the interested general public.
The course will take place in the Douro Demarcated Wine Region and nearby that part of the Douro that was recognized in 2001 as a World Heritage cultural landscape, and will develop field practices in very different natural and cultural settings: historical centres, museums, archaeological sites, thematic cultural routes, vineyards and wineries, thermal centres, places with a registered designation of origin and gastronomic interest.
In this multitude of scenarios principles and techniques of interpretation, guidance and cultural mediation will not only be observed and analysed, but also put into practice before an international audience.
The training team is composed by professors, researchers and experts from European universities and guides with years of experience.



Cultour+ Entrepreneurs

In all countries we are now searching for interesting internship locations as from May onwards all the selected entrepreneurs will do job-shadowing internship abroad during 12 working days. So, if you would like to welcome a motivated person with higher educational background in your tourism company/association, please let us know. Cultour+ is setting upa list of hosting enterprises.

As an example, we give you a short update on the Portuguese entrepreneurs. Cristiana Pires is responsible for Living Chaves, that specializes in guiding groups in and around Chaves in the North of Portugal; Margarida Fernandes da Silva designed “Walking Inside Out”, a formula to get to learn yourself better while walking in nature with a coach; and Rosa Cramez leads the daily activities in a traditional bakery where they specialize in conventual sweets which are sold in her two own local pastries Lapão  and in lots of other places, also outside Vila Real. As the winter in Trás-os-Montes is harsh, we did not see that many tourists in this season over here. That is why our entrepreneurs used this period for rethinking their business formulas and earn some extras diversifying their activities. Cristiana returned to her roots and gives extra Portuguese and English classes to youngsters with school problems. In between she updates the programs she wants to put on the website of her tourism company, so that she can attract visitors with new appealing offers as soon as the sun reappears. Margarida remains very active as a physical trainer and since January 2017 she rents her own space in Chaves to help people doing their workout. Rosa meanwhile has elaborated a scheme that allows people to visit the place where she produces her sweets. Here you can not only learn something about the history of the products she bakes, but you can make some yourself. And after a guided walk through the city you return to Lapão where you can eat your freshly baked pastry.

All of them are on the lookout for partners who will help them to complete and promote their products. Do you have any suggestions for them?

Julia Kourafa
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A group of Portuguese economy students takes an active part in the entrepreneurial research phase

The intermediate evaluation of the project, which urges to collaborate more with students completing their higher education in order to influence them in a positive way, inspired the Portuguese team to involve another group of students into the project. This time the students of the first year of the economics course of UTAD will join the project, as one of their teachers is Veronika Joukes. She decided to dedicate the practical exercises her students need to do to learn what is doing research (the course unit is IntroduçãoàsCiênciasSociais) towards one of the focus points of the CULTOUR+ project: entrepreneurship. In order to train interview techniques, they will interview the leaders behind the companies installed in the business incubator of their university. To train questionnaire techniques, they will develop and execute a limited questionnaire about the will to be an entrepreneur after their studies amongst students of different courses of UTAD. And to train bibliographical research techniques they will join information on how the sustainability principles are being implemented in businesses along the Interior Portuguese Way of Saint James.

In Spain, entrepreneurs are being coached by Cultour+ team experts and advance in their business projects and market studies. Juan Rebollo and Carlos Marín (La abadíadelcamino) are gaining experience as professional guides in Cáceres and Extremadura, through the founded by themselves, Association of Historian-guides of Extremadura. Blanca Ramos (Plata Termal) is coached by LIdiaAndrades to refine her idea and project in Baños de Montemayor. Paloma Castro and Javier gain experience as filmmakers and want to incorporate a drone to their filmings. All of them will be in Vila Real, at our Summer Blended Course.

Cultour+ Case Studies

GreeceThe Footsteps of St. Paul’s Cultural Route. Greece

An interesting and detailed comment of Greek Cultour+ Team is available in our site






Via de la Plata. Spain

Several actions have been done to research, do diagnosis and foster governance in the Via de la Plata.

youtube_circle This Delphi-mode discussion group joining experts and stakeholders to discuss on the most relevant issues facebook_circle After an open working group was set up in Facebook as a mean to identify and share info between experts

Caminho Interior Portugues de Santiago (CPIS). Portugal

Exhibition about the experiences of pilgrims of the Interior Portuguese Way of Saint James

One of the objectives of the CULTOUR+ project is to focus on a local stretch of a pilgrim route and see what young entrepreneurs can learn from those who follow the route and from those who work along the road. In Portugal we choose to work with the Interior Portuguese Way of Saint James. cetradXerardoPereiro was the member of our team who volunteered to walk this route from Viseu till Chaves. He did it in pieces, always making notes, taking a lot of pictures and interviewing people. He already had some talks on conferences presenting the outcomes of his analysis. On the 6th of April he opened an interactive exhibition in the UTAD library. It is built up in such a way that it can travel. So if you are interested in hosting it, please let us know. The day before the opening everybody who was willing to participate, could join the group who walked a part of the way, starting at the Santiago sign on the square in front of the city hall of Vila Real on the 5th of April at 09:00 o’clock.

Other Research Actions

ana paula Rodriguez

Ana Paula Rodrigues in action

Report on Entrepreneurship Education

We started to work, under the lead of Ana Paula Rodrigues, on the Research Output “Triangle Knowledge for Higher Education. Report on Entrepreneurship education in participant HEIs graduate and postgraduate related programs”


Exploitation of the project results in Poland

In Radom (Poland), more than one hundred students and conference participants, including Polish Entrepreneurs of Cultour+ Project: Michał Ciupak and Aneta Maciejczyk, took part in the International Scientific Conference “Chronic Sick Patient” in Radomska Szkoła Wyższa, on May 27, 2017 and were very interested in Cultour+ project.

For nursing and physioterapy students the communication about Cultour+ hepled to gain new skills and professional knowledge in the area of culture tourism that can be available for everyone,  even for ill and disabled people. It is important to gain insight in the opportunities of accessible tourism, be it in the form of cultural, religious or thermal tourism, for the persons that care of sick, older or incapacitated people.

Members of Cultour+ polish teams (Luis Ochoa and Renata Ochoa-Dąderska from INBIE and KatarzynaKruszyńska from RSW) presented the project and the communications “Health tourism for chronically ill patients in the Cultour+ Project.


Working meeting

Working meeting in january 2017 in Macedo de Cavaleiros where IPB offers its tourism bachelor.

The Portuguese team, led by Isabel Vieira, is working together and has been sharing its expertise in order to create a post-graduate course for local tourism guides. The region they live in, Trás-os-Montes has enormous natural and patrimonial resources, both material and immaterial. Still not that many tourist visit this interior region. That is why it makes sense to train local guides to lead visitors around. The course will be given in a system of B-learning: small groups of students will simultaneously be able to follow the course from Bragança, Chaves, Vila Real and Lamego, the cities where the collaborating universities (UTAD, Politéchnical Institute of Bragança and School of Technology and Management of Lamego) have their classrooms. If everything goes according to plan, this innovative course will start in September 2017 and will be a rich mixture of theoretical and practical lectures in and outside of the classroom.

Facts & Figures

  • 14 business projects are being coached actively
  • 12 full granted entrepreneurs integrate the Cultour+ Training and Coaching Programme, and are fully and partially financed
  • More than 350 likes in Cultour+ Facebook,
  • More than 100 addresses in Cultour+ network
  • For the first research phase we analyzed the quality of the websites of lodging units along pilgrim routes.
    • Portugal – with the help of students of the Tourism Course of UTAD and Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão de Lamego – analyzed 187 units along the Portuguese Inside Way of Saint James (Santiago de Compostela)
    • Bulgaria analyzed 52 units
    • Poland analyzed 3 units
    • Greece analyzed 43 units
    • Spain analyzed 20 units


Main project components we are now working on:

  • Internships preparation
  • Intermediate Reports, quality measurement, responses to National Agency comments
  • Preparation of the UTAD/UEx Virtual/Presential Course: Creativity, capacity building and professional empowerment for cultural management and tourism
  • Preparation of the summer course in UTAD from 09/07 till 15/07/2017
  • Preparation of Final Conferences

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