Dissemination of Cultour+ in Greece

In the course of the project Cultour+ Time Heritage undertook a number of dissemination activities.

Social Media

We have inaugurated and regularly update the Facebook page Thermal Tourism in Europe (https://www.facebook.com/Cultourplus.info.en/notifications/) The page helps contact between communities and individuals interested in Thermal Tourism either as social agents or as entrepreneurs or even as tourists and users of thermalistic facilities.

Conferences and Presentations

Through the support and confidence shown in our project by the Secretary General of the Association of Municipalities with Thermal Springs in Greece, mr. Marcos  Danas, Time Heritage was invited to participate at a number of events and conferences.

  1. Time Heritage was invited to participate at the one-day conference organized within the premises of the Thermal Springs of  Smokovo in Thessaly, Grecce, by the Regional Union of Municipalities of Thessaly. The conference, under the title “ Thermal Tourism and Local Administration (Ιαματικός τουρισμός και τοπική αυτοδιοίκηση)“, took place on May 27th, 2017. Afroditi Kamara, head of Time Heritage, gave  a lecture with the  title: “From Sao Pedro do Sul (Portugal)  and Alanje (Spain)  to Smokovo: the Cultour+  experience in the formation of an integrated touristic product based on thermal springs” (in Greek). The lecture stirred a vivid interest among participants and triggered further invitations for presentations or  even consultancy and collaboration. For further information please visit the following  http://www.thermalsprings.gr/index.php/de/nea-anakoinoseis-2/475-iamatikos-tourismos-ped-thessalias

  2. Time Heritage director, Afroditi Kamara, and team members Despoina Lampada and Kleopatra Ferla attended part of the Autumn meeting of the European Historic Towns Association organized for the first time in Greece by the municipality of Loutraki-Perachora at the Club Hotel Casino Loutraki Resort. At the conference we had the opportunity to listen to interesting presentations related to the future of Historic Thermal Towns and to policies related to thermalism. Furthermore, we had the opportunity to meet dr. Mario Crecente, one of the most notable experts on thermal tourism and infrastructure in Europe. http://www.ehtta.eu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=159:ehtta-general-assembly-held-in-greece-for-the-first-time&catid=1:last-news&Itemid=41

  3. Cultural Itineraries of Thermalism in the course of Cultour+ project” was the title of the presentation by Head of Time Heritage Afroditi Kamara at the NOSTOS Expo Forum in Naupaktos on October 15th, 2017. The venue was a large fair on Tourism organized by the municipality of Naupaktos between October 13-16. The presentation was hosted by the Association of Municipalities with Thermal Springs, the Secretary General of which, mr. Marcos Danas, preceded it with a lecture on the state-of-the art of Thermalism in Greece. Among the audience were many mayors and members of local administration who became vividly interested in the opportunities of networking, best practices’ exchange and education offered by Cultour+.
  4. Time Heritage was invited again by Mr. Danas to attend the MITE (Mediterranean International Tourism Exhibition) at the MEC Expo Centre in Paeania, Athens, on the 20th of October 2017 with a presentation similar in content to that in Naupaktos. Unfortunately the entire session on thermal tourism was cancelled at the last moment due to organizational problems.
  5. Cultour+ conference in Cori, Italy. Between the 3rd and the 6th of November were organized in Cori, Italy, by our partners at Futuro Digitale two consequent conferences on Religious and Thermal Tourism respectively. Time Heritage trainee-entrepreneur Julia Kourafa from Somewhereweknow and Time Heritage team member Yorgos Tzedopoulos attended the conferences. Yorgos Tzedopoulos presented a paper with the title “Thermalism in Greece: An old cultural habitus in crisis
  6. On the 24th of November Time Heritage members Afroditi Kamara and Maria Tsitimaki attended the French-Hellenic Forum on Tourism as a lever of development organized by the Franco-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry. A session was dedicated to the importance and growing numbers of thermal tourism worldwide. The Forum was a chance for us for further contacts with representatives of organizations and companies from France and other countries.

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