Ceremony for the restitution of a milestone in Casar de Cáceres (Spain), 25 February 2018

Under the framework of the Erasmus+ Strategic Association (Cultour+), a joint team from the University of Extremadura and the City Government of Casar de Cáceres has unearthed a milestone, from the ancient roman silver way (Via de la Plata), crossing the west of Spain from Seville to Gijon and has restituted it to its possible original place, in the margin of the ancient road crossed by 10000 pilgrims a year in their way to St James coming from most diverse countries.

This action has been aimed to several objetives:

  • Get the local people conscious of the very important cultural heritage richness they have, sometimes forgotten and buried. Under the slogan “Ambassadors of our heritage” we have fostered consciousness on the importance of our heritage for all citizens, the important it is for them to know their heritage, the centres and professionals that interpret it (guides, civil servants, volunteers)
  • Reflect on cultural tourism and its importance for rural areas, especially in Spain and Portugal where population is always decreasing.

As we can see in the images, this encounter brought the authorities of the City of Casar de Cáceres and a group of experts on cultural heritage and tourism, participating in the International Conference “Cultural Routes & Heritage, Tourism & Rural Development” coming from Portugal, Finland, and Mexico. This congress is generating an important academic and professional literature on Cultural Routes, Cultural Heritage and tourism. Proceedings are in course of edition and the book of abstracts is published compiling a good sample of case studies in Europe and Latin America.

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