SMEs, good practices, opportunities and innovation on thermal tourism

International Extended Report.
SMEs, good practices, opportunities and innovation on thermal tourism

Innovation and Capacity Building in Higher Education for Cultural Management, Hospitality and Sustainable Tourism in European Cultural Routes (CULTOUR+) is a Strategic Partnership (SP) of universities, local governments, SMEs and NGOs funded by the programme Erasmus+.

Participating organizations share the concern, expertise and experience in proving that cultural management, sustainable tourism and European Cultural Routes and Heritage can be a source to promote creative, high-quality work for young graduate and postgraduate entrepreneurs. As well as SME generation, networking, co-working and clustering.

Cultour+ has coordinated research in cultural routes, specially focusing in pilgrimage routes and in the European Route of Historic Thermal Towns to help improving tourism and cultural management of those routes. An important dimension of this research is to know about thermal tourists and their concerns. Some of the results toward this aim are presented in this introduction.

During the research, we have been able to perform research visits on the following cases:ù

  • Spain
    • Alange
    • Baños de Montemayor
    • El Salugral
    • El Raposo
    • El Trampal
  • Portugal
    • São Pedro do Sul
    • Chaves
    • Luso
    • Monfortinho
  • Greece
    • Krinides, Kavala
    • Loutra Neas Apollonias (Volvi Lake)
    • Loutra Lagada
    • Kamena Vourla Spa town
    • Loutraki Spa
    • Smokovo
    • 3 thermal springs in Lesvos: Therma, Polichnitos, Lisvori)
  • Poland
    • Uniejow
  • Bulgaria
    • Narecheski bani

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