13 September 2016




Câmara Municipal de São Pedro do Sul
Largo de Camões
3660-436 São Pedro do Sul
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 man Pedro Miguel Mouro
Project Coordinator and Vice President of the municipality of S. Pedro do Sul. Tourism and Promotion, Municipal Heritage, Hydrotherapy, Economic and Business. Development, Sport, Human Resources External Cooperation. Forestry and Rural Development
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Helder Ramalho
Marketing and Communication. 30 years of experience in defining strategies with the
municipalities in the development of cultural programs, events, congresses.
Development of communication plans. Publishing of books on cultural routes and heritage.
Planning and structuring of tourist offices
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 man  António Ramalho
Master Degree in Sociology. – Executive Group in Social and Economic Network of Viseu
Region. Expertise in the area of social economy, social and youth entrepreneurship
Project Coordinator “More Active Community” (2002-2006, POEFDS, European Funds), coordinating a multidisciplinary team with intervention in the area of social innovation, education, youth entrepreneurship, smart travel among others, involving many governmental, Municipal and Local partners Coordinator of training plans as part of the integration of long-term unemployed. Summer school Expertise
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 man  João Júlio Correia
Master in History, Master Degree in Cultural Tourism
Coordinator of the Department of Social and Human Sciences; Director of the History
Group; Regional Coordinator of the Youth Information; Vice – President of the House of
Culture in Viseu and Lamego; Coordinator of the Newsletter “JOVISEU”. President of the
Cine Club de Viseu; Member of the Scientific-Pedagogical team for evaluation in history
textbooks; Public lectures on various themes related to: History, Cinema, Art and Culture
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