22 August 2017

Cultural and creative tourism “a la carte”

“A la carte” Cultural and Creative Tourism i) Tailor made guided tours and packages, with an emphasis in small groups, experience tourism and offering a wide variety of activities (language tourism, cultural tours, nature, food tourism, adventure, ethnographic, musical tourism, etc.) “off the beaten track” for different tourist profiles. ii) We aim to develop a network for hosting Thematic Congresses and Conferences, educational activities, cultural actions. b) A market analysis Rural tourism is increasing in Spain and Portugal, reaching record figures every year. Experience tourism and creative tourism are emergent phenomena with great potential. We therefore foresee a stable horizon (much safer than coastal and mass tourism and less exposed to international threats). c) Our competitive advantage is languages, being fluent in English, French, Portuguese, high educational background and cultural openness. Marketing Plan We will use social networks and introduce original contents in diverse languages. We will reinforce events campaigns investing in social network strategies (Facebook).
Our business model is a small but very versatile one; our company structure will be able to adapt in a seamless way to our clients demand. We must not forget our networking with other members from Cultour plus programme. Competitors Analysis The tourism industry is a highly developed one in Spain and also in Portugal. However, we plan to distinguish ourselves from potential competitors via: i) Covering specific “off the beaten track” areas with a wide of still unexploited touristic and cultural attractions and resources, and ii) Offering a tailored travel solution which develops the final product based on the client’s demands. The organization of international congresses is still unexploited in our main action area of Northern Portugal (Vila Real).

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