29 October 2016

Entrepreneurs – Spain



Paloma Castro Navas
Formed in Law, Business and Entrepreneurship. Multifaceted and enterprising business develops from Madrid to Spain and Portugal, LCA, S.L. (Marketing and entertainment events for Great Shopping Centers). Website
Her extensive  business experience over 15 years in project management and human teams with her innate Motivational Ability let her to guide unemployed people to employment in all its forms, she is enthusiastic about the profession of Coach and  Employment Guidance. Also she likes comunicate all she works as community manager: Redife Avanza, Woman Entrepreneurs, her fanpage. Actually she wooks in Project Management collaborating as freelance for several companies. The last collaboration in coworkig has been “Metodología of Historical Reenacment events”about Cultural Torism. Website
He loves writing and has written articles on the CREATIVE spaces and feelings of web AvanzamosTV sport & nature. Website
Finally she is popular in cycling for getting a challenge with 43 years also served to MOTIVATE many people cycling. “Trilogy of Quebrantahuesos” Youtube (with over 80,000 views worldwide).
Her slogan is: “If you want, you can
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Blanca Ramos
is an entrepreneur from Baños de Montemayor, a Thermal Village.  She studied tourist activities and businesses, and she knows local tourism in her town very well because her family has its roots there and she returned in 2005 and is since then living in Baños de Montemayor. She also studied marketing and administration and she has a long term experience in the tourism sector because she worked in many different hotels, starting as a receptionist in 2003.  She loves her village, and she knows the requirements and problems of the local tourism business from the inside.
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Juan Rebollo Bote
enrolled at the University of Salamanca (Spain) to study History and later he specialized in Medieval History of Castile and Leon studying an interuniversity Master’s degree organized by several universities and the CSIC. His training as a “historian” has been complemented with different methodologies and perspectives given by national and international stays at the universities of Granada (Spain) and Eötvös Loránd (Budapest, Hungary) as well as by attending various conferences and courses and through archaeological training at sites like the Roman city of Mérida (Spain) or the caliphal city of Madinat al-Zahra (Córdoba, Spain). For the last two years he has been doing his PhD as a member of the research team “Mudéjares y Moriscos de Castilla”, on a study approaching the Islamic minority in the Spanish region of Extremadura and their frontier context with Portugal during the Middle Ages. He has published some articles about these and others historical themes. Furthermore, he was living for more than two years in Germany where he started to work as a guide in the History Museum of Münster. After that he came back to Spain in order to obtain his tourist guide certificate in Extremadura (in Spanish and German) and to work in the tourism sector. The Cultour+ program has offered him a very good opportunity to begin his business project in the field of cultural tourism in Extremadura based on the historical and natural heritage as well as the socio-economic rural development.
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Carlos Marín Hernández
(Cáceres, 1985) graduated in History at the University of Extremadura (2008). Between 2011 and 2014 he got a grant for PhD studies in the History Department of the same university, about the History of Archaeology in Extremadura for XIX and XX centuries. Also he works in the Madinat Albalat project (Romangordo, Cáceres) with the aim to promote the conservation, study and socialization of this Islamic archaeological site. On the other hand, he has studied the changes and endurances in the architecture and the military urbanism of Cáceres.
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Jose Enrique Llamazares de Prado
has a bachelor’s degree in History of Art, from the University of León (2012), a master’s’ degree in Psychology Research and Sciences of Education (2013), and now is a PhD student in Research Psychology and Sciences of Education.
Until 2016 he is a honorary collaborator of the Department of Teaching.He is eager to learn – certainly about cross-disciplinary lifelong learning, has a great sense of adaptability, and has a natural tendency for innovation and creativity.
He accumulated the following work experience: RTD Work in the Department of Didactics and Neuropsychology of the University of León, supervision of TFGs and tutoring of elementary and secondary education professional future. Ambassador cultural of Educlips (platform TICS to help students of education with the creation of virtual classes) and Malariaspot.org, where TICS are used in the fight against malaria. Collaborator of the NGO Entreculturas in education and awareness about the soldier children in the centres’ school in the city of Leon. He furthermore has worked in archaeology (project led by University of León), helping with the recomposition of ancient pieces of the Fund of the Museum of Leon and cleaning in laboratory of remains of the site of bridge castro (with Professor José Luis Avello). He won the MIT Technology Review Innovator Under 35 Awards 2015. In terms of teaching innovation, he collaborated with a museum within the program Zaragoza 10 x 10 culture. FPdGi Foundation Princess of Girona 2015. Carson Arts School Awards, Paris. 2015 / 2016. Awards Queen Letizia of culture inclusive, 2016.
He is a member of Yuzz entrepreneurs ‘young ideas’.
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Joaquín Martín de Saavedra Rojas
was born in Badajoz, Spain in 1990, but he has lived in many cities of Extremadura. He is very passionate with the Erasmus/Erasmus+ Programme since 2010, when he decided to create different youth associations in his region (Erasmus Student Network of the University of Extremadura & Organizing Erasmus Badajoz), in order to genuinely help  exchange students and workers every year. He has been part of the team of a small international company called EduEntry, as an International Relation’s Officer, Community Manager & Online School Manager. Nowadays, he works at the Youth Council of Extremadura as a Facilitator of two Working Groups (International Relations & Young People from Extremadura Living Abroad) and also at Espacio COnvento (a Spanish co-working space located in the Old Town of Badajoz).
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Germán Herrera Antúnez
Germán Herrera Antúnez
President of the association, musician, ecological agriculture and cultural manager.
Works as a postmail man and loves his homeland for developing heart-based projects.
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Mónica Abil Mónica Abil
Psychologist, great knower of human nature and medicinal plants and herbs. Joint the think tank of VerdeMente to improve in all aspects.
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Isidro Martín Maestre Isidro Martín Maestre
Multifunctional technician. Entrepreneur and lifelong learner in most various fields. Skills in agriculture, works equipment, eco-building, pet teaching.
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Arcadio García de León

He took an Erasmus grant in 1996 for studying Translation and Interpreting in Brussels, Belgium. He worked in the restauration industry for two years in Bournemouth, UK, where he studied English language. He also lived in Montpellier, France (1994), Uruguay (2006), India (2016). I stayed 15 days in the month of July in Vila Real, Portugal, where besides his participation on the project Cultour+, he started my training in Portuguese language and got to know the area, lifestyle, accommodation facilities, etc. To sum up, he has lived, travelled and worked abroad in many different countries with various cultural backgrounds, always adapting very well to the particularities of each situation, and getting along perfectly well with locals given my open minded and flexible character.


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