15 May 2016

Radomska Szkoła Wyższa

 RSW Radom Higher School

ul. Zubrzyckiego 2
26-600 Radom

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 woman Elżbieta Komosa MSc.
She has first-hand experience in international project management, proven budget and financial management skills. She is a good organizer who has 19 years career in managing of Higher School. She has 30 years of didactic experience. She has worked in various positions related to education as a teacher, inspector, methodologies and head teacher. Good communicator in: Polish, Russian.
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 zbigniew-kwasnik Zbigniew Kwaśnik PhD.
He has 35 years of didactic experience, many years’ experience in managing of Higher schools – he is a rector of Higher school. What is more, he is a good organizer and good communicator in: German, Russian,English. Didactic activities: Lecturer of Management and Finance. Author of fifty scientific articles in the fields of economics, finance and management.
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 katarzyna-kruszynska Katarzyna Kruszyńska
She is a Head of International Relations Office with a 3 years’ experience in EU Projects as Erasmus and the other concerning e-learning , trainings for unemployment groups, after diploma courses for teachers. Good communicator in Polish, English.
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