Greece: “On the Footsteps of St. Paul”

The case study selected to represent Greece in Cultour+ was that of the Footsteps of St. Paul. In Greece numbers rise to 300,000 visitors to religious sites annually. However, it is difficult to constitute a “route” for religious tourism in Greece, as pilgrimage tends to be focused on specific religious endowments, churches or monasteries and[…]

Italy – Via Francigena

[slideshow_deploy id=’715′] In Latium Region it is possible to distinguish two main macro-areas of Francigena Routes separated by Rome, being exactly in the middle of the region. However, the present work will mainly focus on the Southern area, given the fact that the case study as well as the enterprise incubation within Cultour plus are[…]

Spain – Via de la plata

The Vía de la Plata route is based along an ancient pre-roman communication axis of the Spanish West. A very important natural pass for cattle trashumance, it became a Royal Cattle Way (Cañada Real) used until very recently by sephards. The route goes on a North-South axis of about 800 Km and more than 120.000[…]