15 May 2016

Time Heritage

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48 Anastasseos Street
156 69 Athens

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 Afroditi Kamara Aphrodite Kamara
Head Consultant of Time Heritage, is a Historian by training. She accomplished her undergraduate studies in the University of Athens and her postgraduate studies in Manchester and Oxford, UK. She worked for six years at the Foundation of the Hellenic World, where she expanded her expertise in the interdisciplinary enhancement of cultural heritage through the use of new technologies.
 woman Maria Tsitimaki
Partner at Time Heritage, is an architect specialised in conservation of historic buildings. She holds a doctorate from the National Technical University of Athens on ecclesiastic architecture of Greece in the late 18th century.
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 woman Despoina Lambada
Ms Despoina Lampada collaborates with TIME Heritage and SOFIA Foundation for the design, development and administration of projects on cultural heritage management, public history and education. She has gained experience especially with Erasmus+ projects, having worked on the successful proposal and implementation of various KA2 projects. Ms Lampada is an Art History PhD candidate at the General History of Art Lab of the National Technical University of Athens, School of Architecture, and she holds a DEA (Master 2) in Byzantine History of Art from the University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne. Early in her career (2003-2004) she worked as head of a publishing department at Athens-based Patakis Publishers. From 2007 to 2013 she worked as research historian at the Foundation of the Hellenic World and participated in the planning and development of several projects relative to the enhancement of cultural heritage via new technologies, internet-based activities, 3D reconstructions etc..
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 yorgos-tzedopoulos Yorgos Tzedopoulos
Research Associate at the Academy of Athens
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Kleopatra Ferla
Dr. Ferla is an Ancient Historian. She studied in Freiburg, Germany. She is thoroughly experienced in project management through her former position as Head of the Research and Management of Cultural Information Sector  of the Foundation of the Hellenic World.
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