7 December 2016

Ziemia i Niebo / Earth&Heaven (Poland)

Travel Agency“Earth & Heaven” (Poland)

1. Presentation of the Project

1.1 Key assumptions

The activity of“Earth & Heaven” Travel Agency is based on clearly defined and presented goals in this business.
The company’s primary goal is to provide valuable and unique services, to meet the needs and requirements of customers for travel and tourism. The offer of the Office will be addressed to people of all ages, with different financial status, and also what in Poland is not very popular for the sick and the disabled people. The implementation of the above purpose will be ensured by rich tourist offer in the field of holidays, health, cultural and pilgrimage tourism, and providing the best possible conditions for the offeredservices. Properly priced services will surely tempt potential customers with attractive prices.

According to the set assumptions, there is planned in the futuresuccessive and effective development of the company. It is mainly aimed at extending the offer for foreign trips and acquisition of own transportmeans and immovables that will be converted in accommodation units, lodging facilities, etc. In addition, the company will strive to earn a minimum of 15% higher profit and will strive to maintain the upward trend over the years of activity. All of the goals and objectives are fostered by the high quality and flexibility of the offeredservices, as well as various promotional and advertising activities.

1.2 Real opportunities and prospects

According to the plan, clients of the “Earth & Heaven”may be consumers of any age and any social group, without any restrictions, the offer will be addressed to as many people as possible; From young people through whole families, seniors, as well as various professional groups on the so-called. Business-class ending. The main intention is to give all potential customers, of any property status, a real possibility to use the broadly understood tourist services.

I have extensive experience in organizing tourist events, cognitive tours and pilgrimages to religious places for various social and age groups. This activity has so far been done by me socially, but the accumulated base of contacts with subcontractors of transport and accommodation services, experience in negotiating prices and obtaining grants, sponsors and other possibilities to finance trips for the poor, lonely, sick and disabled people will allow me to link the professional and socialactivities.

Not so many companies dealing with the tourism services industry in Mazowieckie Province are involved in marketing research and analysis of the current market situation. In this matter there will be helpful thesurveys and research using the Internet. My IT education will additionally valuable in this type of activity, which in turn will allow tailoring the travel offer to the requirements, expectations and needs of the clients, making it more attractive than the competitorsoffers. In addition, systematic monitoring of competitors makes it possible to gain advantage over the rest of the travel industry and to maintain control over the ever-changing market situation.

The strategic plan of the company’s activity and its further development assumes, above all, the entry of the Tourist Office to the local market. With favorable conditions, in the longer perspective, I have, however, also entry to the domestic market of tourism services, and even the European market.

1.3 Possible risks and possible risks

The market is very competitive, as it is heavily saturated with tourism services to a large extent. But due to my company research and analytical activity and its unique offering, which makes it possible to gain an edge over its competitors, local competition is not a significant threat. However, the company’s goal is to enter the domestic market, and finally to enter the European market. Therefore, the company must also become competitive with respect to foreign travel agencies. At present, the Polish market is very competitive in terms of tourist services. This is a consequence of the constantly increasing level of wealth of the society, which contributes to the increase in demand for tourism. This is favorable situation foreign tourist offices want to use by gaining a dominant position on the Polish market. They are far more powerful in this respect than national companies because they have far greater financial resources to spend on more successful clients and promotional and advertising activities. In addition, they often have a much broader and more attractive tourist offer resulting from better location and numerous properties (better weather, comfortable housing and transportation, top-class service, cultural attractions, variety of monuments, healthy climate, etc.). However, these are usually companies that offers are intended mainly for the wealthier part of the population, due to the rather high price level, This situation gives my company some chance that I will try to use effectively with the right pricing policy.

The Internet is also playing a big role in the competition. Booking of cheap flights, transportation, trips, portals where you can book accommodation for “pennies”, more and more people organize their own holiday even in the other end of the world. However, many customers still fear risks and prefer to use proven traditional methods.

2. Company Characteristics

2.1 General information, scope of activity, organizational structure

Full company name and location:
Travel Agency “EARTH AND HEAVEN”
ZamośćStary 3, 26 – 704 Przyłęk, Poland
Owner / Entrepreneur /:MichałCiupak
E-mail: ciupak-michal@wp.pl

The business activities covered by this business plan will be in the form of a travel agency. As part of its activities, the office will offer a wide range of tourist services tailored to current trends and market needs.

As of the date of commencement of the activity, the owner will have his own initial capital in the form of cash from savings and will apply for co-financing for new entrepreneurs from EU funds. The funds will be used to cover all expenses related to starting a business, starting a business and further developing it.

2.2 Staff

Basic requirements for each employee:

  • Education – minimum secondary with a passed grade, students of the last years of study;
  • Active driving license – category B;
  • Very good computer skills;
  • Ability to search for specific information and data on the Internet;
  • Knowledge of at least one foreign language (preferably English) in a communicative level;
  • Responsibility, independence; communication skills
  • Interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Willingness to work.

Basic tasks and responsibilities of the staff:

    Full customer service; Acquiring new customers;
    Making a cost calculation for the trip;
    Acquiring information about beneficial collaboration offers;
    Searching for new and attractive locations, quarters, etc.;
    Conducting business statistics.
    Keeping accounts;
    Human Resources and Payroll; Keeping employee records
    Representing the company in offices: Tax Office, Social Insurance Institution, banks, etc.; Making the financial matters.

3. Enterprise Surrounding Analysis

3.1 Market research and market characteristics

According to the assumptions of the company’s development strategy, the research was conducted to determine the likely direction of development of tourist services in Poland. On the basis of the obtainedresults, it can be stated that there is a significant drop in interest among Polish buyers of tourist services in traveling and resting abroad. The demand for domestic tours has definitely increased. The conducted research indicates that this is not a one-off situation, but a rising trend. Domestic tourism is becoming more and more important, caused by undoubtedly the opening up of Poland to Europe, which has given the Polish travel agencies the ability to attract foreign customers thanks to a specially prepared for this group of buyers attractive offer. The growing interest of Polish tourists in the domestic tourism results primarily from the lack of language barrier that occurs when traveling abroad. In addition, recently, the conditions of leisure and the organization have been improved considerably.

3.2 Needs and requirements of potential buyers of services

One of the main assumptions of the company is that the proposed offer is addressed to as wide group of potential buyers as possible. Hence a rich and varied offer and openness to any suggestion of introducing the new elements:

  • trips for children and youth (green schools, summer and winter camps, weekend trips, one-day trips);
  • trips for whole families (holidays, weekend trips);
  • tours for organized groups, often professional groups (weekend trips, trainings, seminars, one-day trips);
  • trips for the so-called business-class (trainings, seminars, conferences).
  • pilgrimages and cognitive tours also for people with disabilities

3.3. Transportation services

Travel Agency “Earth & Heaven”does not have its own transport means. Its activity is based on cooperation with proven, competent and well-established in the marketcarriers.

3.4 Accommodation

At present, the company offers a wide range of accommodation. We can offer your guests the possibility of accommodation:
in three and four star hotels;
in hostels,
in guest houses;
in shelters;
private accommodation;
on campsites;
in schools;
on agritourism farms;
in sanatoria
other facilities.

The travel agency does not currently have its own facilities but cooperates with various individuals and institutions.
In order to meet the demands and expectations of potential customers, it is possible to introduce the possibility of booking accommodation in advance, both for individual clients and for organized groups. Information about accommodation are the following data: number of vacant places, price limits, room equipment, number of beds, etc.

4. Marketing Plan

4.1 Promotion and advertising activities

The company’s action plan developed within the travel agency’s development strategy envisages a large-scale promotional and advertising campaign. The marketing effort is aimed at attracting the largest possible number of customers and, consequently, increasing the sales of tourist services and consequently assuring the company’s well-established market position. The developed strategy should enable the smooth coordination of all activities related to the introduction of new and improved tourism services already available. The main purpose of the planned promotional campaign is to promote the travel agency among various social groups in order to attract new customers as well as induce potential customers to use the services of the company by promoting individual tours. The planned advertising activity assumes the use of practically all available media, including:

In addition, it is also planned to use, among others the following methods of promotion and advertising:
Posters and leaflets;
Creating the own website;
Promotional actions (price reductions, discount coupons, company gadgets for potential clients, etc.);
Public relations activities.

4.2 Price policy

According to the requirements of the tourism services market, the office intends to pursue a specific pricing policy, which will consist in setting prices to a very low level, thus making the offer more attractive and acquiring new customers. In order to determine the appropriate price level, the company will conduct regular and systematic monitoring of the current market situation and observation of competition. Moreover, the additional incentives will be introduced in the form of discounts, rebates, promotions. We will also seek opportunities to subsidize services for people with special needs.

5. SWOT analysis

In order to evaluate the project and establish a strategy for further development of the company, there was conductedthe research using the SWOT method. Based on the obtainedresults, there were drawn upthe lists of strong and weak company sides, as well as the real opportunities and potential risks that may be involved.

– exceptionally rich and differential range of services;
– high quality of service;
– well qualified and competent staff;
– cooperation only with verified entities;
– very good contacts with companies and collaborators;
– established position in the market of tourist services;
– having a substantial amount of capital for any investment;
– great flexibility and openness to customer requirements and expectations;
– the ability to freely adjust the offer to current needs;
– constant monitoring of the current market situation;
– good contacts with customers;
– competitive prices.

– insufficient flow of information on current requirements, needs and expectations of customers;
– the need to pursue a pricing policy of price reductions as a result of high market competitiveness;
– insufficiently wide offer for specific market segments;
– the attractiveness of the offer is considerably lower than for foreign travel agencies;
– lack of a fully coherent development strategy.

– Significant improvements in the material situation of the public, which is a significant percentage of all office customers;
– significant increase in demand for tourist services;
– having a good reputation and a positive image;
– significant experience in offering tourist services;
– keeping prices on the uniform level.

– the emergence of new or significant development of existing competition;
– the need to incur higher investment to gain more competitiveness;
– less wealthy society being a potential customer;
– entering the Polish tourist market by foreign travel agents who are serious and threatening competitors.

6. Cost of Starting and Doing the Business

Establishment costs, including:
– registration fee,
– notary fee,
– stamps,
– other fees;

Rental costs for the business (rental, deposit);

Cost of equipmentpurchase (furniture, accessories, office equipment, computer hardware and software, office supplies);
Cost of cash registerspurchase, installation and registration;
Cost of security and anti-burglary alarm systems;
Costs of signing contracts with cooperating companies;
Costs incurred in recruiting staff;
Staff remuneration costs;
Costs incurred in connection with company opening;
Advertising costs

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