Leader II Evaluating a territory’s touristic potential

This guLeader IIide is aimed primarily at local action groups, in particular new LEADER II groups and their local partners.

Its principal aim is to enable these groups to carry out their own evaluation of touristic potential, taking into account supply, demand, competition and market trends. This will also enable them to decide on the particular territory in which the tourism development project will be implemented. This territory may cover the whole or part of the LEADER area, or even bordering areas. In the latter case, cooperation between local action groups will be essential.

This does not mean doing without external expertise altogether: this may be necessary when, for example, large-scale market research is to be carried out, which is an operation requiring the more “technical” approach of specialized consultants.

Thus diagnosis, the final phase of the evaluation stage, will have to be carried out collectively between local players and external experts

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