20 lipca 2017

A 3D virtual walk – virtual tourism (Bulgaria)

Maria Doganova (A 3D virtual walk – virtual tourism)

Maria want to start up a company that will provide the exclusive service “Virtual Traveller” which gives the opportunity to tourists to have virtual tours all around the world. The service will promote new locations and will save already existing ones from the damaging power of traditional tourism.

A “Virtual Traveller” could be everyone with internet access and/or virtual reality headsets. Our goal is to include as much as possible destinations such as islands, churches, museums, aquariums, temples and numerous adventurous tourism activities, captured by high definition 360º cameras. Our first virtual tour will be showing the mystical route “Cross Forest” in Bulgaria. The virtual walk will present the legend, which says that a small piece of the Holy Cross has been buried in Cross Forrest, located in the heart of Rhodope Mountain (Southern Bulgaria). Today people from all over Bulgaria and abroad come to Cross Forest to see the magical cross symbol placed on stones in the entire forest and look for a cure for their disease. The main goal of the virtual walk is to popularize the entire area with the support of new technologies and Internet.

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