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 image103 Universidad de ExtremaduraAvenida de Elvas sn
06006 – ES43 – Extremadura
Badajoz – Spain
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 Martìn Gòmez Ullate Dr. Martín Gómez-Ullate
UEX Team and CULTOUR+ Project Coordinator
Ph.D. in Social Anthropology. Senior researcher, professor and project manager with more than ten years’ experience in conducting and participating international, cross-border, national and local R+D projects in cultural management, applied anthropology, cooperation and local development. He has been selected in the Program of Attraction and Retention of Research Talent for the Region of Extremadura to develop research in the field of Immaterial Cultural Heritage Management for Sustainable Tourism.
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  Dr. Pilar Barrios
Full professor in the Teacher Training College. Coordinator of “Musical Heritage and Education” Research Group. Expert in cultural heritage of Extremadura and cultural management and its integration in educational programs and curriculum. She has coordinated National and Regional R+D Projects, international expert’s networks, curated exhibitions, organized and directed congresses. She has directed more than ten doctoral thesis and numerous graduate and postgraduate research works.
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 33e20dd Lidia Andrades
has experience in the TEMPUS program since is currently Netour Project Leader (www.netour.eu). She has been a faculty member at the University of Extremadura since 2000. Lidia’s concern about understanding consumer behavior has led her to work on online consumer behavior and tourist behavior. Her interests in this latter area revolve around destination competitiveness, sustainability, and destination image. Lidia has worked on consulting, research, and training contracts, through the university, with several private & public sector companies. As a result, she has gained experience in project management.
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 woman Dr. Ana Hernández
Professor in the Department of Didactics of Language and Literature applied to Social Sciences. Archaeologist and expert in cultural heritage management, cultural landscape and Geographic Information Systems and New Technologies applied to development, she has been participant researcher in the projects “Tourism and Sustainable Development in Extremadura” (National R+D Program), “Hierarchy, Landscape and Territory in East Extremadura” (Regional R+D Program).
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  José Álvarez García
Teacher Education, International Education, Higher Education. Facultad de empresas, finanzas y turismo
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  Juana Gómez Pérez
Degree in Fine Arts, specialising in Design, from the Complutense University of Madrid; with a doctorate in Physical and Artistic Education from the University of Extremadura. With considerable experience in Artistic Education, she is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Didactics and Musical, Plastic and Physical Expression, Plastic Expression Area, in the Teacher Training College in Cáceres, University of Extremadura. Her most recent research focuses on the design of didactic material with the aim to expand knowledge and information on shared heritage through artistic education. She is frequently invited to participate in national and international scientific conferences, colloquiums and symposiums on artistic education and heritage; she has authored books and articles on the topic. She is part of the group of top Researchers in the european project Curturplus and belongs to the Musaexi Research Group, which is dedicated to the study of Musical Heritage in Extremadura and Education since its foundation.
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 man Dr. José Soto
Professor in the Department of Didactics of Language and Literature applied to Social Sciences. Principal Investigator of the “Literature for children & Youth in the didactics of Social Sciences” research group. Editor of scientific journal Tejuelo, Journal of Language and Literature didactics. He has been visiting scholar in Évora, Coimbra, Bologna and Passo Fundo (Brazil). Since 2010 he has been teaching in the program of Spanish for Foreigners in concert between the University of Extremadura and the IOWA State University and the University of Elders. Also at the University of Extremadura he has directed two International Summer Schools on innovation in education and The teaching of Spanish and Portuguese at the EUROACE (2011), along with other conferences on film and Education (2009), Rural Teachers (2010) or Reading and Science (2011). He has published articles and book chapters on literary heritage, oral tradition and cultural tourism in Extremadura.
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  Irina Rasskin Gutman
Psicologìa y Antropologìa, Facultad de Formacion del Profesorado.
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  Pedro Corcho
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 man Ramon Tena Fernández
Didàctica de las Ciencias sociale, lengua y literatura.
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  Garcìa Manso, Marìa Angélica
Didàctica de las Ciencias sociale, lengua y literatura.
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