20 lipca 2017

Ultreya Suseya (Italy)

Marco De Luca (Ultreya Suseya)

The aim of the business project „Ultreya Suseya” (www.ultreyasuseya.com) is to design and implement a multi-functional platform with an embedded social network and interactive maps. The services of Ultreya Suseya are aimed at solving some of the major problems pilgrims and walkers could bump into, such as the struggle to find travel mates, the difficulties to have an overall view on the hotels and hostels available on the route, etc. The platform will be mainly focused on Via Francigena, Via De La Plata and the Caminho Português with which pilgrims seem to struggle more to satisfy their needs.

The platform has been sized for customers aged among 18 and 60 years old, paying attention to the different needs brought by the age gap, and targeting among this range two different groups according to two different sets of services and goods and two specific marketing strategies/campaigns.

Agencies, tour operators, associations and all sort of organisations offering travel packages along the European Cultural Routes, could be Ultreya Suseya business partners, because of the flexible structure of the platform and the royalty system thought to absorb the competitors and make Ultreya Suseya resilient to market changes and competition.

In other words, pilgrims will be able to use the platform to organize the trip autonomously, finding out tips and travel companions; they could choose to buy travel packages and tools; they might be absorbed by the social media interaction aimed at building up a loyal customers’ community around Ultreya Suseya.


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