Use for improved condition of the hip flexors and extensors

Exercise type: all-body sprint/running drill.

Suitable for: all athletes and events.

Difficulty level: can be done by athletes of all ages and abilities (and when athletes are advised not to perform impact activities*).

Benefits: improved condition of the key sprint/running muscles (hip flexors and extensors).

How to: support your weight through your arms between two suitable height sturdy boxes/ platforms.

Cycle your legs as if running.

Focus on pulling the foot quickly from rearside to frontside in a powerful manner and keep your upper body as still as possible.

Variation: instead of cycling the legs, switch the legs backwards and forwards using more of a scissor motion.

In doing so, ensure that you push the front foot toward the ground on each switch (replicating the drive to the track when sprinting).

How many: do 4 x 20 seconds.

*do seek professional advice

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